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Amakashi-no-Oka Area(甘樫丘地区)

Address: Toyoura Asuka-mura

Open everyday
Entrance fee is free
Parking is available :
  25 cars, and 2 cars for wheelchair-users
Common room is available free of charge
Vending machines is available
Two bathrooms for wheelchair-users

Asuka National Historical Government Park has an observatory deck where you can see the view of Asukamura village and ruins of Fujiwara Kyou Palace.

You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Kongou mountains, Yamato Sanzan (Mt.amanokagu-yama, Mt.Unebi-yama, Mt.miminashi-yama), ruins of Fujiwara Kyou and Asuka-kyo Palaces from the observatory deck (height 148m).

One part of the path (2.3km) is known as Manyou garden path because you can see more than 40 kinds of Manyou plants mentioned and recorded in "Manyoushu" (the oldest collection of Japanese poems), "Kojiki" (Japan's oldest historical record of ancient matters), and "Nihon Shoki" (the oldest chronicles of Japan).

You can enjoy Nanohana (yellow spring blossoms) during spring and cosmos flowers during autumn.
Please refer to the Asuka National Historical Government Park Hall Home Page for further information.
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Map of Amakashi-no-Oka Area


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