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Nara Prefecturer Complex of Man'yo Culture(奈良県立万葉文化館)

Address:10 Asuka-mura
E-mail :
Opening hours 10:00~17:30 (entree by 5:00 pm)
Closed every Monday (open on national holidays; closed Tuesdays), Christmas and New Year's holidays, Also closed on exhibition renewal days.
Entrance fee: Adults 600 yen (extra charge for special exhibitions)

Parkng:7 Buses and 110 cars
Parking available free of charge
Common room available free of charge
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Information of Nara Prefecturer Complex of Man'yo Culture
○Exhibition room
Various kinds of exhibitions are available including collections of "Man'yo Nihonga" (Man'yo Japanese paintings) based on the theme of Man'yoka by famous contemporary artists. Also, there are general exhibition rooms and special exhibition rooms introducing the findings of excavations around Asuka Ike (Asuka Pond).
○Library and information center room
16,000 books are available in the Man'yo Library and Information Centre room, including books about ancient culture.
Café available where you can enjoy food and coffee or tea along with the great scenery of Asuka. Please feel free to visit Man'yo Garden where you can enjoy seasonal Man'yo plants and learn more about Asuka through six Man'yo Tanka inscriptions.

Currently the general exhibition room and part of the special exhibition room located in the basement are open for free. In the general exhibition room, you can learn more about the beauty of Tanka and experience the lives of the Man'yo people. In the special exhibition room, you can enjoy the findings of excavations from Asuka Ike (Asuke pond) Kobo Ruins.


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