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Coffee-kan Misono(珈琲館 御園)

Address: 1-1 Misono Asuka-mura
Opening Hours:8:00 - 18:00
Closed: Friday
Capacity: up to 50 people
Wheelchair accessible
Parking: 10 cars Bicycle parking available.

We use coffee beans roasted with charcoal, and carefully brew it through the process of steaming to a siphon extraction instrument. We serve coffee with rich taste and moderate bitterness. We also serve delicious meals and tempting sweets.

Breakfast set (drink price + 130 yen): drink, salad, boiled egg and a choice of bread: thick and fluffy toast or walnut raisin bread. (Picture 1 is one example of the morning sets).

Asuka Zenzai (picture 1, rear: 700 yen) is sweet red bean soup with mochi (homemade rice cakes) and Maccha (green tea powder ground with stone mills).
You can enjoy the exquisite balance between the bitterness of Macha and sweetness of homemade red bean paste.
Smoking permitted.


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