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Chanko nabe (Sumo Wrestlers' Hot Pot Dish) Yozaemon(ちゃんこ鍋 与左衛門)

Address: 11-6 Koshi Asuka-mura
Opening Hours:11:00 ~21:00
Closed on Thursday
Capacity: up to 70 people
Parking: 5 cars

Every morning we make homemade udon noodles. Our udon noodles are very chewy.
Big size Kitsune Udon (600 yen): udon noodles with special big size sweet-salty deep-fried tofu. For parties, we recommend the Chanko nabe (Sumo Wrestlers' Hot Pot) with various vegetables. Oden (100 yen each): homemade chicken meatballs stewed with Shikoku Island soy sauce and various kinds of vegetables (including Japanese radish).

We are located in front of the station. Thus, while you wait for trains, you can get kushi katsu (100 yen deep fried meat and vegetables) to eat or you can come here and enjoy as an izakaya.

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