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Sen Bazuru(せんBaづる)

Address: 55-105 Hinokuma Asuka-mura
TEL: 0744-54-5068
Opening hours: 11:30~14:00、17:30~24:00
Closed on Sunday

Modern Japanese-style drinking/dining restaurant. We offer a delicious lunch set with various local seasonal Asuka-area vegetables. At a price of only 1,200 yen. (Picture 3)
Starting with fresh raw fish, assorted tempura, seasonal vegetables and/or meats grilled on beautiful earthenware ceramics, tofu-based Japanese tapas (fresh from local tofu specialty store), and more, this dish will definitely satisfy your appetite,
Another recommended lunch would be the large deep-fried shrimp tempura lunch set.
At night, prices range around 3,000 yen and you can enjoy Japanese-style tapas and sake.


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