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Asuka Itabuki Palace Ruins(伝飛鳥板蓋宮跡<飛鳥浄御原宮)
Asuka Itabuki Palace was the imperial palace of Emperess Kougyoku and Emperor Saimei.

In the Kougyoku Year of 2, the Emperor moved here from Oharida-no-miya.
The palace was named Itabuki because it is made by Itabuki, when the old palaces is usually made by Kayabuki and Hiwadabuki.

The location of the Asuka Itabuki Palace is the place where Soga-no-iruka and Naka-no-ooe-no-ouji were assasinated. This is the location of of the Isshi Incident (Taika Reform).

Several overlapping layers of palace remains are present in the same location, and it is very likely that the upper layer is the Asuka-no-Kyomihara palace of Emperor Tenmu.


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