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Cafe Asuka-ji Tabi no Eki by Ishida Store(明日香路 旅の駅 石田商店)

Address: 44-1 Kawahara Asuka-mura
Opening hours: 9:00〜18:00
Closed: Wednesday
Parking available
Wheelchair accessible.
Vending machines available

Ice cream flavored with local Asuka vegetables and fruits are very popular. (Single size : 360 yen +)
You can enjoy different flavors in each season. For example, Asuka strawberries (called Asuka Ruby), a great mixture with sweet and sour tastes. Black rice; you would love its texture as if the rice pops when you eat it. Other seasonal vegetable flavors should not be missed such as purple sweet potato and spinach.
Light meals are available as well.
We also deals in drinks and souvenirs. Please feel free to just pop in.

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