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Traditional Local Food Yumeichi-chaya(夢市茶屋)

Address: 154-3 Shimashou Asukamura
Opening hours:11:00~16:00 (weekends and holidays open until 17:00)
Open everyday
Parking lot:10 cars
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This farm village style restaurant is located near Ishibutai Kofun Tumulus. Local home made dishes served with wild rice and seasonal vegetables. We support the idea of "local production for local consumption".

We recommend "Kodaimai Gozen (Wild Rice set menu) 1,080 yen" Picture 3
Red rice and black rice, various kinds of vegetables, tofu made from "Yoshino-kuzu" and soy milk, you will definitely enjoy not just the taste of this food but also the texture. In winter, "Asuka-nabe" is available

The souvenir store is a must-see: "Asuka-no Yume-ichi -Yume Market" on the ground floor.


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