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Address: 165-1 Shimashou Asuka-mura
Opening hours:11:00〜15:00(Meal)、9:00~17:00(souvenior shops)
No scheduled holidays
Capacity: up to 174 people
Parking lot: 5 buses and 20 cars
Vending machines available
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This restaurant is located near Ishibutai. If you can make a reservation three days before you visit, you can enjoy the "Kodai-shoku," which is an Asuka-area original dish served with Asuka vegetables.

Picture 1 is "Asuka no Utage 3,500yen(tax excluded)." This is a classic dish created from a historical recipe. It comes with traditional cheese, uncut boiled ret trout (Amago), red-rice noodles, grilled wild pig with miso, "Nigori-shu (unrefined sake), and more. You can enjoy an ancient adventure with simple but sophisticated food.
Reservation required.
Red-rice onigiri, Makunouchi Bento Box is alsoavailable(Seasonal price).


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