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Address: 40 oka Asuka-mura
Opening hours: 11:00〜till sold out
Open everyday
Capacity: up to 100 people
Parking lot: 5 Buses, 10 cars available to park

This is a famous long-standing historical restaurant where you can enjoy local food from Asuka village and Nara prefecture. The food is all home made with organic vegetables and natural well water. We do not use any chemical condiments.

Homemade rich sesame tofu or warabi-mochi are popular souvenirs.

Although advance reservation is required, it is definitely worth to trying "Asuka nabe (3,780 yen per person)," which contains fresh milk and chicken soup.
"Asuka nabe" is a traditional dish: it is a cream soup stewed in fresh milk with seasonal vegetables and local chicken. The set course menu has boiled seasonal vegetables, kakinoha-zushi (mackerel fish sushi wrapped with persimmon leaves), sesame tofu, warabi-mochi, and fruit. A reservation is required for two or more persons. 3,780yen per person.
★ "Hyoutan Bento (1,620 yen)" is a bento box in which you can enjoy Asuka seasonal vegetables with reasonable price. "Hyoutan Bento" is very popular among female tourists. It contains more than 20 varieties of side dishes made with local Asuka vegetables, deep-fried vegetables, meats and more. Advanced reservation is recommended.


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