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Address: 383-4 Oka Asuka-mura
Opening hours: 9:00〜17:00
Closed: Tuesday
Category: Japanese sweets

Imanishi-Seishin-Dou is a very popular confectioner of Japanese sweets. They have their stores in Ohyodo and Yoshino.
One of their specialty sweets is Yaki-mochi (90 yen per piece), a grilled rice cake with Hokkaido red-bean paste inside which are carefully cooked with granulated sugar in house.
This is the most popular souvenir because it stays fresh and soft with elegant sweetness for a long time.
In the store you can also enjoy Mitarashi, small rice cakes on a skewer with sweet soy sauce glaze.
During autumn and winter, you can enjoy Kimtsuba (chestnuts), sweetened red-beans wrapped in wheat-flour dough. In spring time, you can enjoy Yomogi-mochi, rice cakes mixed with mugwort.


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