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Address: 66-1 Asuka Asuka-mura
Opening Hours:11:30~14:30(Closed when sold out)
Closed on Monday - Wedensday.(Open on National holidays)

The soba noodle here is very thin but al dente texture. You can enjoy the wonderful soba scent. Most of customers are amazed how smooth this soba noodle is, even though the noodles are made from 100 percent buckwheat flour. The chief believes "The most important ingredient for soba is the quality of the buckwheat flour," and he grinds just enough buckwheat flour for a day's use. He has a secret recipe that grinds the flour roughly to keep the soba al dente and chewy.

You will enjoy the crispy deep-fried sakura shrimp tempura and rarely found purple radish, called "Karami-daikon," with special sweet sauce.
A special set is available during lunch: "Mini Hiruzen lunch set (1,650 yen)" which has buckwheat dough in soup and a choice of desserts: buckwheat ice cream, buckwheat rice cake or rice.


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