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Japanese Restaurant Hagiou(日本料理 萩王)

Address: 180 Asuka Asuka-mura
TEL:0744-54-3688 (advance reservation needed)
Opening hours 11:30~15:10、17:30~20:30
No scheduled holiday
Capacity: up to 25 people.
Parking: 3 cars
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This restaurant offers you unique Japanese cuisine, which will give you a different impression from typical Japanese food. There are various kinds of delicious items on the menu such as slowly smoked Yamato-beef sushi (smoked with low temperature), Yamato-pork spare ribs, ground green pea rice (jade green in color) and more. You will also enjoy the color of the dishes.

"Fuku Midori", Macha green tea, Bavarian pudding, and Japanese-brown-sugar jelly are the most popular sweets made by the daughter of the owner, who is an expert in Japanese-style French confectionery.

Two set lunch courses are available for 3,780 yen and 6,800 yen. Set dinner courses start from 6,800 yen (picture 3 is one example from the set course menu).

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