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Lodge Hotel Iwaidosou(祝戸荘)

Address: 303 Iwaido Asuka-mura
Advanced reservation is required.
Restaurant opens 11:30 am〜2:00 pm (open only when reservation is made).
Closed on New Year's Day.
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Lodge Hotel Iwaidosou is the only hotel located inside Asuka National Historical Government Park Hall.

You will enjoy the sound of the Asuka River and the views of Tounomine mountains in the east as well as traditional farm houses and terraced rice fields below our building.
Iwaidosou is located in the center of Asuka, easy access to sightseeing spots, but yet very quiet. Iwaidosou is one of the great places for school/corporate training or sightseeing, full of historical atomosphere of Manyou remains.

We welcome everyone. You can access sightseeing spots easily, spend a peaceful time with friends and family, and use the facility for corporate training and school trips.

Our restaurant is open for outside guests as well. Please feel free to visit us. You can try our most popular dish "Manyou Asukaha Mori Gozen (Kodai Shoku)"


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