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Residence Inn Kotorian(古都里庵)

Address:1473 Mayumi Asuka-mura
Parking: 2-3 vans
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You can experience an entire traditional house just for yourself with your family or your friends. We only accept one group to stay over night at a time. Residence Inn Kotorian is open only for you and your group. You will be our special guests.
The reason we make it as exclusive as you can imagine is because we want you to enjoy and relax during your visit in Asuka.

Check in time is 3:00 p.m.; check out is 12:00 p.m.

Residence Inn Kotorian is a traditional house with modern facilities.

We have a special Hinokiburo (Hinoki woods bathtub). The capacity is only for four people at a time.

Normally we do not provide any meals; however the guest can cook in our kitchen, or eat out in nearby restaurants.

Price (Sunday to Thursday);
For up to four adults, the price is 40,000yen. For more than four adults, 8,000 yen charge per extra person.
(Friday, Saturday, day before holiday)
Up to 4 adults, the price is 50,000 yen. For more than four adults, 10,000 yen charge per extra person.

*If you plan to stay consecutive days, we can give you a 10 percent discount after the second day.


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