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Asuka-no Yume-ichi - Yume Market-(明日香の夢市)

Local Food Yumeichi-chaya café
Address:154-3 Shimashou Asuka-mura
Opening hours 10:00~16:00(Saturday, Sunday and National holidays open until 17:00)
Open everyday (except Christmas and New Year's holiday)
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We offer various agricultural products and handmade crafts. You will love Asuka rice, which is the most popular dish, fresh local vegetables and fruits, and more.
Our Asuka-no Yume-ichi is the center of the Asuka sightseeing area and offers the best souvenir market. We welcome anyone of you.
We also serve traditional foods at the Yumeichi-chaya café on the second floor.
You can get some unique souvenirs, such as local foods, and enjoy delicious food from the village for snacks or a meal.
You will also find traditional sweets, modern-style sweets with local ingredients, special seasonal Mochi, seasonal fruit jams, fresh local pickled vegetable, and more. Everything you can find here are Asuka "Umaimon" goodies!

Our products are delicious and safe. These are just examples. (Please check the availability; some are seasonally limited.)

Homemade craft art
Our heart warming products includes shawls and handkerchiefs "Kusaki-zome," which is the dyeing technique using vegetable dyes. We also have handmade pottery, glasses "Tonbo-dama" , bamboo charcoal, and other handmade accessories.



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