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Asuka-no-Sato Manyou-bito(飛鳥の郷 万葉人)

Address : 410 Oka Asuka-mura
TEL 0744-54-5456
FAX 0744-54-5457
Opening Hours: 10:00 am〜5:00 pm
Closed on Wednesday (Closed when Manyou Cultural Hall close)
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A souvenior shop is located next to Manyou Cultural Hall.
You can shop a variety of Asuka brands: wild rice, Fuhonsen Senbei and more. We recommend our homemade konjac Kamekon, shaped like a Kamegata Sekizou Butsu, which is very unique and little spicy. "Kamekon" is one of the most popular foods and you can take it away with you as well.
Don't miss our shop when you come to Asuka.
Parking: Please use Manyou Cultural Hall Parking.

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  • あすか手作りこんにゃく「かめ・こん」1本150円 おいしいよ~

    2013年10月27日 02時01分34秒