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Café Restaurant Oku-Asuka Sarara(奥明日香さらら)

Address:137 Kayanomori Asuka- mura
TEL・FAX:0744-54-5005 Resavations are required
Opening hours:11:00〜16:00
Closed on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
  Closed during winter holiday (From December 21 through the end of February), and summer holiday (From 1st to 31th August)
*May be closed temporary during the regular season.
Parking lot: 3 cars

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Oku-Asuka is located in southeast of Asuka village area. The area which includes three villages: Inabuchi, Kayamori and Nyuudani. This area is famous for the path which Emperor Tenmu and Jito used when they went to Yoshinomiya-taki (waterfall) 1,300 years ago.
Our café 's name "Sarara" came from "Uno-no-Sarara-no-Himehiko," who was one of Emperor Jito's Princesses. We renovated a Japanese traditional house into a café.
We serve fresh local vegetables as well as vegetables from the nearby mountains. Please feel yourself at home and enjoy the peacefulness of our place. (Please contact our cafe via phone before your visit.)


  • 申し訳ございませんが、8月1日~8月31日まで夏休みです

    2015年07月20日 23時29分41秒

  • 奥明日香にも秋の気配が、棚田には案山子が並び始め、そろそろ彼岸花の咲く季節です

    2013年09月11日 15時39分43秒