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Asuka-dera Temple(飛鳥寺)

Opening Hours
April 1 - September 30: 9:00 - 17:30 (Entry until 17:15)
October 1 - March 31: 9:00 - 17:00 (Entry until 16:45)
Open every day except for April 7 to April 9.

Entrance fees
Adult/University student: 350 yen. High School/Junior High School student: 250 yen. Elementary School student: 200 yen.
Group with 30+ people
  Adult/University student: 320 yen. High School/Junior High School student: 220 yen. Elementary School student: 170 yen.
Open every day

Asuka-dera Temple TEL:0744-54-2126

Asuka-dera Temple, regarded as the first orthodox Buddhist temple in Japanese, was built by Soga no Umako between the end of 6 and early 7 centuries.
Asuka-dera Temple was originally called Hokoji and then Gankoji,
The temple consisted of three "golden halls" (kondo in Japanese, which means "main hall" or "image hall") placed in the north, the east and the west of the central pagoda. This arrangement of the main temple buildings is very unique and only found in this temple, so it is referred as 'Asuka-dera Temple style'.
Most of the original buildings were lost, except for the stone foundations of the pagoda and golden halls.
The temple’s main image of worship is popularly called “ Asuka Great Buddha”. It was made by the famouse sculptor Kuratsukuri No Tori, and is now designated as an important cultural property.



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