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Goma Dango Maru-ya(ごま団子 MARU 屋)

Address:2-2 Misono Asuka- mura
Opening Hours:11:00〜18:00 (Limited quantity. Available until sold out)
Closed on irregular.
Parking: 10 cars
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Goma Dango specialty store: you can choose various flavors.
Made on-order style.
You will enjoy choosing from a wide variety of flavors and products such as black sesame candy, green-tea Macha, custard with vanilla beans and sweet potato.

Our chewy Mochi made with wild rice offers a crispy joy for your mouth. Our mochi size is small and reasovable price. If you buy one or two, it will be 80 yen per mochi. If you buy three to nine, it will be 70 yen per mochi, and if you buy more than ten, it will be 65 yen per mochi. We would like you to enjoy our mochi in as many flavors as you can.

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