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Satoyama Traditional Food Restaurant Okumura(里山料理 おく村)

Address:397 Abeyama Asuka- mura
TEL・FAX:0744-54-4670(Advance reservation is required three days before your visit.)
Opening Hours:12:00~15:00(Reservation is required for dinner if you are a party of more than six. )
Closed on Thursday
Capacity: up to 12 people
Parking: 1 van and 6 cars

You can enjoy beautiful views from our restaurant which reminds you of days gone by. There are terraced rice-fields surrounded by beautiful mountains. We offer you Kyofu Kaiseki Bento (Kyoto-style Bento Box). You will also enjoy the beautifully designed Japanese traditional-style garden. Picture 3: Price: 3,500 yen. You will enjoy our delicious food prepared with Asuka vegetables and fruits, rice and other seasonal cuisine. Advanced reservations are required due to our intensive preparation (we serve more than 15 dishes in our set course). We have received lots of positive feedback from our customers, for example "Very delicious! The portion size and taste were perfect!" Most of our customers come again.

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