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Hana-Tsubaki, Kawara-dera Temple (川原寺 花つばき)

Address:1109 Kawahara Asuka-mura
Opening Hours:11:00-16:00
Closed: Monday to Friday(Could be opened by reservation.Contact us for availability during holidays.)
Capacity: up to 50 people
Parking: please use the nearby toll car park.

Kawara-dera Temple has a long, honorable history dating back to the Asuka period. Our restaurant is located near the main hall of Kawara-dera Temple. You can enjoy the great food as well as the great scenery of Kagu-yama and Miwa-yama mountains.
Mugi-toro Gozen (barley rice lunch set: 1,500 yen) includes barley mixed rice with an extra topping of grated yam, soy-sauce stewed river fish and cooked vegetables. More casual menu items are available, such as Udon. Our customers normally stay longer than they have expected. We welcome you to enjoy relaxing time here with the amazing mountain scenery.
You can have a nice view of Amanokaguyama mountain in a spacious tatami-mat room (Japanese-style floor covered with straw mats). Our most popular dish is Mugi-Toro Gozen. Please call us anytime for further information. We look forward to serving you.

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