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Oka-dera Temple(岡寺)

Opening Hours
March 1 - November 30: 8:00 - 17:00
  December 1 - End of February: 8:00 - 16:30
Open every day except for special reasons.

Entrance fees
  Adult/ University student: 400 yen. High School student: 300 yen. Junior High School student: 200 yen. Elementary School student: free.
Groups with 50+ people
Adult/ University student: 320 yen. High School student: 240 yen. Junior High School student: 160 yen. Elementary School student: free.
Oka-dera Temple TEL:0744-54-2007

Okadera is also known as Ryugai-ji. The name was derived from the legend that its founder, Priest Gien, trapped a dragon (ryu) inside a pond with the power of Buddhist laws.
It is said to be founded some time between late Asuka Period and early Nara Period. It is believed Priest Gien founded it on the old site of the residence for Emperor Tenmu’s son, Prince Kusakabe.
Foundation stones and roof tile pieces were discovered in Haruta Shrine, which is located in the west of Oka-dera Temple. This place is estimated to be the ruins of original Oka-dera Temple.
Its principal image, a Bodhisattva of compassion (Nyoirin Kannon), is the largest clay Buddhist statue during the Nara period, and designated as an important cultural property.
In spring, 3,000 rhododendron flowers bloom beautifully at the temple.



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