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Location: Amakashi-nimasu Shrine
Date: The first Sunday of April
Address: Toyoura Asukamura Village
The Kugatachi (Trial by Ordeal) Rite is an ancient magical judicial practice. Emperor Ingyo commented that one family branched into too many and it is difficult to know the truth. Thus, he ordered every family to do Kugatachi. The hotpot was placed in Kotonomagatonosaki in Amakashi-no-oka and the person to go on trial makes a vow to the deity, then inserts his hand in boiling water. Although the hotpot was moved to the current location after the moving the capital to Heijyokyo Palace ( and was lost in 810).
Today the ordeal is simulated in ritual, with a sprig of bamboo grass used in place of a human hand.


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