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Asuka-Yume-no-Rakuichi Market(あすか夢の楽市)

Address: 225-2 Asuka Asuka-mura

Opening hours 9:00~17:00
Open everyday (except Christmas and New Year's holiday)
Common room available free of charge
Vending machines available
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Asuka-Yume-no-Rakuichi Market is full of fresh vegetables and fruits from Asuka. Please feel free to visit us.
Please feel free to take our fresh Asuka vegetables home.
Asuka seasonal fruits
○Asuka Rice
All Asuka-mai rice has passed the special inspection by the Asuka Hinohikari.
Sweet and chewy, this rice is very popular and delicious regordless of whether you eat it hot or cold. Asuka-mai rice is safety-guaranteed. You can purchase stating white rice from 2kg and brown rice from 5 kg.
Wild rice varieties include black rice, red rice and green rice
How to cook: just mix a small amount with the white rice and cook as normal rice. Japanese people believe that this rice is highly nutritious and a good health food.
You can find many beautiful flowers here. You can enjoy various kinds of flowers potted, cut, and more.


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