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Address: 6 Koshi Asuka-mura (in front of Kintetsu Asuka Station)
Opening hours 8:30~17:00
Closed on Christmas and New Year's holiday. Common room available for rest (free).
Vending machines available.
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Asukabito-no-Yakata is the information center where you can learn more about the mysterious and ancient Auska-era. It is a must visit before exploring Asuka.
Asukabito-no-Yakata was designed with the four Gods of theTakamatsu zuka Kofun Tumulus and the Kitora Kofun Tumulus. We have products helpful for exploring and walking around Asuka and free information. You can stop by for local souvenirs, including local agricultural products.
There is a common room where you can take a rest. Please feel free to visit.


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