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General Tourist Information of Asuka - “Asukabito no Yakata”(飛鳥総合案内所「飛鳥びとの館」)

Located in front of Kintetsu Asuka Station, the comprehensive tourist information “Asukabito no Yakata” serves as the gateway of sightseeing in Asuka and offers various information and services to visitors. Stop by if you need any advice or suggestions before you start your adventure in Asuka.
We are located in the “Michi no Eki (Roadside Station) Asuka”, and close to public restrooms you can use 24 hours, bicycle rental, car rental - MICHIMO, produce stands and restaurants.
Also available are souvenirs made with the specialties of Asuka Village and books. Don’t leave Asuka without visiting us.

Address: 6-3 Oaza Koshi, Asuka-mura (in front of Kintetsu Asuka Station) TEL: 0744-54-3240
Hours: 08:30 - 18:00 (Seasonal changes may apply.)
Closed: Year-end/ new year holidays
Free rest area available
Vending machines
ATM of Nanto Bank



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