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Asuka Yume/ Dream Store (live together with the Asuka community) (あすか夢販売所)

Address:2-1 Misono Asuka-mura

Opening Hours: 9am 〜 5pm
Open everyday
Capacity: up to 70 people
Parking: 3 buses, 5 vans, 25 cars available to park
     Parking Lot No. 2: 20 cars available to park
Parking available
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This is the second store opened in Asuka-mura Village since 1999. Thanks to the expansion of our annual membership and increase in direct sales, we have launched three stores in Asuka-mura Village. Asuka Yume/ Dream Store is an important place for Asuka because its represents half of the Asuka-mura village total agriculture production. Our successful business has led to the development of a process-food community and promotion for new farmers. On November 2011, we participated in the "national direct sale competition Koushien" and received the Grand Prize (the Award of Excellence). We won for our strong relationship among the community and excellent contribution and support for people who retired and became farmers.
We guarantee the safety and freshness of all our produce. We assign people in charge of checking all cultivation records.
Our most popular product is the Asuka Rubi Strawberry. In the strawberry season, our long showcases become a sea of red. 10% of our annual profit is from Asuka Rubi strawberries.
Asuka is famous for diversified small-quantity production. Thus, we can provide various rare Asuka vegetables, create stores where you can enjoy and increase our long-term customers.


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