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Asuka Strawberry Picking Park(あすかいちご狩りパーク)
Asuka Rubi

Strawberry Picking Park is a plastic greenhouse, thus you can enjoy in winter or on rainy days.

We introduce an elevated cultivation system for strawberries so that you do not need to sit down but rather stand up and can easily harvest.

There are 14 Strawberry Picking Parks available in Asukamura.
When you make a reservation, we will introduce you to which farm you will be joining.

Please visit Asuka Strawberry Picking Park and let’s enjoy fresh Asuka Rubi.


Opening Season: January 9 to May 29 2016

Opening hours 10:00 am~4:00 pm (entrance by 3:30 pm)

Opening days: Weekends and national holidays until February 9.
From February 10: open on Wednesday, weekends and national holidays.

Reservations are required and can be made after January 4.

For 30 minutes eat as much as you want.

There is no toilet (in the village, there are public toilets available).

Open during rain

Parking lot available

Wheelchair-users accessible

Please contact us for anything you wish to know.

Entrance fee
Adults (older than junior high school students) 1,500 yen (1,100 yen).
Elementary school students 1,200 yen (900 yen).
Kids (older than three years) 800 yen (600yen).
Take out (150yen (120yen) per 100g)

Price in ( ) is the price from May 6th.

For take away, usually you can pack and measure what you pick for purchase. However, if it is off-season or peak-season, we might pack and measure for you.

※ 10% discount for entrance fee for group more than 20 people and people with special needs. Physical Disability Certificate is needed. One accompanying person also can get 10% discount.

※ 10% discount is the most for groups of more than 20 people with special needs.

Please refer here for further information.
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