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Poca frere (ポカ フレール)

Address: 51-1 Shimanosho, Asuka Village, Takaichi-Gun, Nara Prefecture (In Asuka Yume-no-jun Saikan).
Hours: 11:30 to 17:00 (Varies, depending on the season. Please contact us for more details.)
Closed: Wednesday
Phone: 080-3101-7888
Parking: 5 cars

The name of this restaurant, "Poka Freres" embodies what the Chef wishes for each of his customers-- "May my food warm both your body and your heart."
("Poka" is part of what is considered an onomatopoeic Japanese expression, "poka poka", which attempts to convey the feeling of "being warm" )
His cuisine which uses the seasonal vegetables of Asuka Village, is deep in flavor, while being gentle to the palate.

The lunch menu consists of three choices: 1) "Hometown Asuka one-plate lunch" which comes with a choice of meat or fish or hamburger for its main "dish"; 2) "Asuka vegetables and scallop au gratin" and "spaghetti with Asuka vegetables and crisp bacon". (1,000 yen each). The home-made desserts, such as pound cakes,, are also popular.

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