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Kitora Tumulus Mural Experiential Museum Shijin no Yakata(キトラ古墳壁画体験館 四神の館)

Kitora Tumulus Mural Experiential Museum Shijin no Yakata is a special facility located in the Kitora Tumulus area of the Asuka Historical National Government Park.
On the first floor, visitors can find the facilities where the actual Kitora Tumulus murals and excavated artifacts are kept and preserved. Actual mural paintings may be open to the public here for a limited time each quarter. The exhibition room in the first basement has the Kitora Tumulus and Kitora Tumulus murals, which are easy to understand and fun to study.
Also, at the workshop in the annex building, various programs are offered every Saturday and on holidays to experience the history and nature of Asuka by making magatama jewelry, bird callers that sound like real birds, and the like.

First basement exhibition room features:
1) History Zone
Exhibition includes a guide on the Kitora Tumulus and a giant, life-sized replica of the stone chamber. This zone will deepen your understanding of the Kitora Tumulus.
2) Mural Zone
You can view the projected images of the "Shijin (Four Deities)" murals painted on the Kitora Tumulus magnified up to 100 times in high definition, as well as the Celestial Map on the ceiling.
3) Research Zone
The documents on the excavation, study, and research of the Kitora Tumulus are exhibited. An audio guide is available to explain the excavation tools.
4) Overseas Cultures and Asuka Culture Zone
Here you can learn about cultural items brought over from continental Asia, the culture created during the Asuka period, and the lifestyles of the people during that time, depicted in a diorama of two meters square.

Address: 67 Abeyama, Asuka-mura, Takaichi-gun, Nara
Hours: 9:30 - 17:00 (Closes at 16:30 in December - February)
Closed: December 29 - January 3 (The facilities for the Preservation of the Kitora Tumulus Murals (1st floor) are closed every Wednesday)
Free admission
Parking Lot 1: 6 buses and 20 cars
Parking Lot 2: 42 cars
For inquiries: Kitora Tumulus Mural Experiential Museum Shijin no Yakata (0744-54-5105)

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