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Ramen Waoh Noodle Shop(麺屋 倭王)

Ramen restaurant opened in November 2016. Enjoy the relaxing Japanese atmosphere inside this traditional old house.
Try the owner's recommended Chicken and Pork Broth with its light chicken flavor and rich pork-bone taste. Goes perfectly with its thick noodles.
You can also enjoy a variety of other flavors, such as the Salted Sea Bream Soba with its strong sea bream aroma, or the Chicken Chintan Ramen with its concentrated chicken flavor.
Business days are irregular so please call before visiting.

Address: 551 Sakata Asuka-mura
TEL: 080-3304-5639
Open irregularly (call or check our Facebook)
Hours: 11:30 - 14:30
No parking

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