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Ishibutai Kofun Tumulus(石舞台古墳)
Ishibutai Kofun Tumulus is a very big tomb, a square 50 meters on each side in length located in the valley of Hosokawa-dani.

Opening hours
8:30am〜5pm (Entrance by 4:45 pm)
Entrance fee
Adults and University students: 250 yen. High school students: 200yen.
Junior high school students: 150 yen. Elementary school students: 100 yen.
(Group with 30+ people can get group discount)

TEL: 0744-54-4577

The Ishibutai tumulus is known because of its entry in the Saigoku sanjūsansho meisho zue, a large guide to Buddhist pilgrimage sites. It is also mentioned in the Wakoukyusekiyukou that there is a tomb named Ishibutoya near the Ishibutai tumulus.

In the Meiji Period, the historian and archeologist Sadakichi Kita proposed that the Ishibutai tumulus is the mentioned Tougenbaka tomb of Soga no Umako. An excavation was begun on January 5, 1933 with support from Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. It was a joint excavation between the Nara Historical Investigation Committee and Kyoto University Archeology Class. The excavation team was formed with Kosaku Hamada as general manager and Masao Suenaga as site general manager.

This tumulus was again excavated on April 1935. Investigation focused on the foundations and surrounding areas. On December 24, 1935 this tumulus was awarded by the Ministry of Education as a National Historical Site. On March 29, 1952 this tumulus was recognized as one of the special historical sites. The renovation work was between 1954 and 1958.


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