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Asuka Historical Museum(飛鳥資料館)

Address: 601 Okuyama Asuka-mura

Opening hours: 9:00 am〜4:30 pm (entrance by 4 pm)
Closed : Every Monday (When Monday is a holiday, then close on Tuesday instead), December 26th〜January 3rd
Entrance fee
Adults:270 yen
University students:130 yen
High school students and below: free
【Group of 20 or more】
University students:60yen
     High school students and below: free

Parking: 11 cars available to park
Parking for bicycle available
Common room available free of charge
Vending machines available
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Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties

In the 7th century Asuka was the center of politics and culture. As 1,400 years passed, Asuka became beautiful rice fields. However, in the deep ground of Asuka, numerous historical ruins still remain which are mentioned in the "Nihon Shoki" (the oldest chronicles of Japan).
In Asuka, you can enjoy the landscape of excavations. Various relics, which tell us something new about history, are found everyday. New findings through excavation and research are exhibited in the Asuka museum. These findings are well explained and easy to understand to know more about the Asuka Fujiwara region.
In the first exhibition room of the museum, you can find the history and culture of Asuka between the 6th to 8th centuries, which is the time when Buddhism was first introduced to Japan. Descriptions can be seen along with archaeological, art materials and replica photo panels. The most popular exhibitions are a stone chamber replica of Kitora tomb, Kaijyubudoukyou (marine animal mirror) which was excavated from Takamatsu Tumulus, and treasures from Toshinso.
In the second exhibition room, there is a replica of the east corridor of Yamadadera-temple, which was built by the same materials actually used in the original east corridor. Yamadadera-temple is older and has a longer history than Horyuji. In the lobby of the basement floor, we introduce Asuka ruins and the history of excavation with easy explanation videos.
Please feel free to visit us and enjoy learning the history of Asuka.



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